Friday, April 1, 2016

Last Day!

Today is our last day of A-Term. It's exciting, yet sad at the same time! We have learned so much throughout this A-Term. From actually building 3D printers, to programming, to designing, to scanning, to printing, to tinkering problems as we go. We faced so many challenges through out the term but we grew and worked so well together. Everyone really came together to solve problems.
What was your favorite moment of this term? 
Daniel- "Printing cool things out."
David- "I really liked building the delta." 
Brandon- "Learning how to use Tinkercad was so cool!" 
Zineb- "My favorite moments were building the delta printer."
Conor- "Working on the scanning and my Exodus print."
Nathan- "Getting the delta printer to work." 
Joseph- "After all the struggles we have been through with building the printers all the printers really came together. And I enjoyed that my printer works the best."
Julian- "My favorite moment was when we finally got the printer to work."
Andrew- "Seeing the models be created after we made these printers."
Ms. Novak- "Seeing the students finding their passion."
Mr. Mike- "I think it was so cool that you guys went from knowing nothing about printers to understanding every part of them.
All the students can agree that the moment we got the printers to work was an amazing feeling. There were so many problems with the printers and to overcome them was just perfect. Watching our group grow and learn was so great. We really got to see some peoples passions blossom. These pictures show our progress and our work. We are all proud of the things we have accomplished this term.

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